General Industry

The one of a kind mix of superb properties – high erosion protection joined with light-weight and high firmness – is the properties that settle on composites the best decision contrasted with numerous conventional materials. Composite materials can be utilized as a part of such a large number of various applications in various businesses that is practically difficult to arrange them in specific fragments.

Machine Industry

Glass Fiber and Carbon fiber composite profiles are prevalent material for quick moving parts in machines because of high firmness to weight proportion. Low thermal extension attributes are valuable for machines with tight resistances and fluctuating operation as well as surrounding temperatures. Pultruded Glass fiber and carbon fiber profiles yield magnificent weariness properties. Composite profiles perform well in machines working in destructive and artificially forceful situations.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Specific formulations give the items one of kind properties, for example, strength, stiffness and low weight that can’t be accomplished with more customary materials. With Omkar’s ability in composites, adornments and an assortment of locking arrangements we can manufacture an item to meet your particular necessities.

Transportation Industry

Due to properties like light weight, quality and solidness, erosion protection, concoction protection composites are progressively utilized as a part of transportation industry. Composites are substantially lighter than metals and along these lines prompt cost investment funds through lower fuel utilization bring down establishment costs, and simpler taking care of. Quality is specifically similar or superior to anything steel and aluminum giving lighter, more secure and less expensive options. Firmness properties beat plastic and other non metallic materials commonly utilized.

Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication application requires maximum strength and rigidity also make sure utmost wave transfer, good weather ability and UV stabilization.

Electrical Industry

Protecting properties of FRP composites makes Omkar FRP grating manufacturer items material in electrical industry. Common application regions incorporate e.g. composite protectors and arresters, composite profiles for electrical machines, protected stepping stool profiles, protected taking care of frameworks and electrical dissemination gadgets.

Power and Desalination Industry

Omkar recognize the developing need of energy and savoring water India and give new types of providing naturally well disposed and financially savvy arrangements of vitality is expanding quickly on a Global scale, and to that degree we are now associated with all the significant businesses and applications.

Building and Infrastructure Industry

Building, construction and infrastructure applications require enduring execution. Pultruded composite profiles outflank some other plastic material on mechanical properties. Elite fortifications, for example, glass and carbon strands, even can coordinate rivalry with metals. Low weight and henceforth simple establishment, warm protection and dependability, electrical protection, solidness in extremely destructive situations, are just a couple of the additional advantages of composite profiles.

Oil and Gas Industry

More noteworthy spending on investigation and generation, and additionally expanded investigation of non-regular sources which ordinarily required more mind boggling funneling frameworks, has made Oil and Gas a developing business sector and guarantees a proceeded with interest for pipe frameworks. Rising oil and vitality costs have upheld interest for pipe frameworks and in addition solid financial development and huge late interests in the Oil and Gas showcase in the course of recent years.

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